How do I upgrade the dashcam's firmware?

Over-the-air (OTA) updates are automatic, but you can also install firmware that you've downloaded onto the dashcam's SD card.

  1. Download the latest firmware zip file ( and copy it onto the root directory of your dashcam's SD card.
  2. Open page and press the debug info icon (Screen_Shot_2017-10-24_at_8.22.11_PM.png) in the upper right.

  3. Press the Upgrade button below the camera you'd like to upgrade. Wait 1 minute to see the Sioeye logo as the dashcam restarts and installs the upgrade.
    See screenshots of the upgrade sequence at

    NOTE: the zip file is removed from the SD Card after completion of the upgrade, so you can't reuse the same SD card to upgrade multiple cameras without copying the zip file again onto the SD Card after completion of each upgrade. Also, you can see the salient changes in each firmware version in this article.
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