How do I set up some other Network IP Camera?

NOTE: the article below is outdated. Camio now supports all cameras and NVRs via Camio Box instead. Please see this page for more information:



Camio includes automated setup for our recommended cameras. But if your particular make or model of camera, DVR, or NVR doesn't yet have an automated setup script, you can still use it with Camio.

For automated setup with Sharx cameras, view the Sharx camera installation article.

The minimum camera requirement is the ability to upload motion-triggered snapshots over HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, or Email for the duration of the motion event. For best results, the frame rate should be at least one frame per second, however any frame rate is OK (e.g. a remote, low-bandwidth camera can send one frame every 5 minutes and Camio can still perform the motion-based image analysis and learning).

Ideally, the h.264 or vp8 encoded video is also included with the motion-triggered snapshot uploads, but that is not required.

Technical Information

Use this technical information for your manual setup:

Setup Steps

With the technical information above, the steps are:

  1. enable motion detection for the camera(s)/channel(s) you want.
  2. use an FTP folder name, HTTP path name, or Email Subject line as a friendly camera name.
  3. upload motion-detected snapshots at the rate of 1 frame per second (max 1MB/snapshot)
  4. upload motion-detected video in 10-second clips (max 2MB/video)

A typical example using FTP would be:

  • as the FTP server on port 21 using PASV mode.
  • /front as the FTP folder name (where "front" is the camera name you want to see at
  • xyzpdq (your Upload Token) as the FTP username and "camio" as your FTP password

A typical example using HTTP would be:

  • as the upload path (where "front" is the camera name and "xyzpdq" is your Upload Token)
  • no username or password is required


Camio works with Dahua-based DVRs and NVRs running firmware version 2.610 or later, but we have not found them to be reliable in network connectivity.

Please contact us for assistance, since we can typically add support for new devices within a few days.

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