My browser / computer camera isn't working!

If you're having trouble recording with your computer (you're stuck on a grey screen that stops you from recording or you can't hear audio), there's a good chance that Camio doesn't have adequate permissions from you to work!

When you open for the first time, your Chrome & Firefox browser will ask you to allow Camio access to your computer's camera. If you accidentally clicked "Deny" or "Cancel", here's how to fix it.

For Google Chrome

  1. Open in a new tab in Chrome

  2. Look at your address bar for a small camera icon (it may have a small red x on it). Click on the icon to open your Chrome camera permissions and make sure they say:

  3. Click "Done"

  4. Refresh the page. The red x should now be gone and you'll be able to record!



For Firefox

  1. Open in a new tab in Firefox

  2. Look at the left of your address bar for a small lock icon. Click on the icon to open your Firefox camera permissions to make sure they permit access:

  3. Click "Allow", and refresh the page. You should be able to record!


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