How do I live-stream my app-based camera?

Live streaming with 2-way audio and video is supported by all the Camio apps on Chrome/Firefox, iOS (iPhone 4S and later), and Android (4.0 or later). 

Here's a quick video summary of Alerts and Two-way Chat .

1) Press Record

On the device that you're using as the camera, press the Record button.

Now, this recording camera automatically answers the video call whenever the caller is either the owner of the account or a guest on the account.

2a) View from the Camio mobile app

  1. To start a two way stream on your iOS device, click the Live View button in the bottom bar of the app and then click on the camera you want to stream live. By default, Camio saves your data by showing you frames of motion from your cameras instead of streaming right away.
  2. To start streaming video and audio from your cameras, click the green 'Stream' button next to the phone icon.
  3. Wait a few seconds while Connecting... to the camera. (Don't worry, connecting to a stream will take a few seconds depending on your internet connection.)
  4. You're streaming live! If your camera has speakers, your audio can be streamed through your viewing device! You can also mute the sounds from your cameras microphone with the Audio On/Off button.
  5. To end the call, tap the red "End" button.


2b) or, view from the Camio Web app

  1. Open and click on the camera you want to view live.

  2. Click the Stream button in the lower left corner of the Large Live View.

  3. Click Close Stream when you're done viewing. The camera on the other end will automatically resume recording after you've closed the connection.


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