How do I set up D-Link 932L, 933L cameras?

D-Link 932L and 933L

NOTE: D-Link requires the user of your shortened Upload Token

These instructions are relative to this D-Link 932L User Manual and this D-Link 933L User Manual.

Motion Detection (page 32, 31 for 933L)

  • Motion Detection: Enable (checked)
  • Time: Always
  • Sensitivity: 80
  • Detection Area: (select all regions of the screen or those you want)

FTP (page 36-37, 35 for 933L)

Host Name  
Port 21  
User Name paste your short Upload Token from  
Password camio  
Path /camera_name Enter your one-word camera name like: Office
Passive Mode Yes  
Enable uploading images to an FTP server checked  
Always checked  
Image Frequency 1 Frames/Second  
Base File Name DCS  
File Date/Time Suffix (checked)  


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