How do I set up a Foscam C1 camera?

DEPRECATED DRAFT - Please use instead of FTP for these reasons.



NOTE: we have not yet found the required setting to upload only upon motion detection. These instructions are currently uploading continuously regardless of motion, which is not a supported setup.

These instructions reference the Foscam C1 User Manual.

 4.4.8 FTP Settings

FTP Server  Replace "camera_name" with your preferred name as in
FTP Port 21  
FTP User paste your short Upload Token from NOTE: the same Upload Token is used across all your cameras.
Password camio The password doesn't matter

Use the settings in the table above; the screenshot below is from the User Manual just to confirm you're viewing the right page of the camera's settings:


4.5.3 Video -> Snapshot Settings (page 50)

Manual snap Quality Medium  
Pictures Save To FTP  
Capture Interval 1 capture 1 frame per second.
Enable timing to capture checked unconfirmed

Make sure you have set FTP and set FTP as the storage path in Video->Snapshot settings panel.


4.6 Alarm -> Action Detection (page 52)

Enable checked  
Motion Detection On  
Human Detection On  
Sensitivity Medium  
Trigger Interval 0s For continuous motion detection, we do not want any interval in between motion events.
Take Snapshot checked  
Time Interval 1s Upload 1 frame per second for the duration of the motion event.

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