How to set up a prepaid Moto G

First open the box and remove the protective cover from the front and back of the phone.  

Pull the tab at the bottom of the phone to remove the back cover.  

Then turn on the Moto G and let it boot up.

Click the "Skip" button to set up your phone on WiFi.

Pick your language.

Accept your privacy agreement.

Click create new Google Account.

Then Skip creating a Google Email address.  (The goal here is to get the main screen on the phone.)

Once at the main screen click the menu button in the bottom center of the home screen to open the apps.            

Next, look for the settings button and tap that.  Make sure it is not the 'Google

Settings' app but the device 'Settings' app

Log into your WIFI network

Sign in with the Google account that you want to use (or create a new one)

Navigate to the Google Play store and search 'Camio'

Once you find that app tap 'Install' and agree to the permissions.

Once Camio is installed tap to open it and create a new account or log in with an existing one. 

If you are planning on using this moto G to be your camera press 'Camera'

Press the record button to start streaming video to the cloud! Make sure you Moto G is connected to power via wall outlet.  Need a charging cable? See our recommended cameras and accessories.

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