How do I set up a Trendnet TV-IP422W?

DRAFT: These setup instructions have not been tested.

These instructions are relative to the TV-IP422W User's Guide that can be downloaded from:


4.7 Event Server Configuration

Event Server Setting>>FTP

Host Address Is the DNS name accepted instead of numeric IP address?
Port Number 21  
User Name Shortened Upload token from  
Directory Path /driveway

replace "/driveway" with your preferred camera name like "/front" or "/backyard"

Passive mode checked as Enabled  


4.8 Motion Detect

Window 1  
Enable checked  
Threshold   choose value low enough that important motion is graphed above the threshold line


4.9 Event Config

Event Configuration >> General Setting

Filename Prefix   leave this field blank
Recording Interval 20 20 seconds is a good default recording time
GPIO Trigger Out Interval   What does this field mean?

Press the Apply button. 

Event Configuration >> Motion Detect Trigger

Enable checked  
Schedule Profile always You can change to your preferred schedule, but always is good.

FTP Upload With: checked

Pre-event 3 sec(s) Post-event 3 sec(s) checked


Press the Apply button.

Event Configuration >> Schedule Trigger

FTP Schedule Enable checked  
Schedule Profile always  You can change to your preferred schedule, but always is good.
Interval 1 sec(s) Set this Interval to be less than the Recording Interval specified above so that the camera continues to upload snapshots for the entire duration of the motion-triggered event. Is this correct interpretation? User Manual is unclear.

Press the Apply button. 




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