How do I transfer my IP cameras to a new account owner?

NOTE: Use the Camio App for Android to re-run the automated camera setup as the easiest way to transfer ownership. If you don't have an Android device, then the instructions below explain how to change the owner manually using your Web browser. 


Payment Transfer

The old account owner cancels any recurring payments scheduled and the new account owner signs in to set up the new payment using the new owner's account at


Camera Settings

To transfer ownership of an IP camera, its settings must be changed to use the new owner's Upload Token.


Sharx SCNC3605N Outdoor WiFi camera

  1. Copy the new account owner's Upload Token from
  2. Open the camera's admin page by entering its local IP address in your browser (for example, You can find its IP address using the Fing app for iOS.
    (the factory-default camera login is username: admin and password: admin)
  3. Paste the Upload Token into the User name field of the FTP Server found in the Alarm Server menu.
  4. Press the Apply button.


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