How can I keep my iOS device from going offline?

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch goes offline after an extended recording period, check these common causes:

  1. Check the power cable
    Make sure the AC outlet is not switched (i.e. that it's always on). Camio now send battery alerts via email if you have opted-in to receive notification of Camera Problems.
  2. Update iOS
    The Camio App can be interrupted by a System Software update notice or prompt. So it's best to preemptively update to the latest verion of iOS using these instructions
  3. Use Guided Access
    To prevent someone from accidentally or purposefully stopping the recording, and for the security of your unattended iOS device, lock the screen using Guided Access.
  4. Verify WiFi signal strength
    If your device is positioned at the very edge of your home network's WiFi range, then it may sometimes lose its connection. And the prompt to select other WiFi networks may interrupt recording.

If you're still having problems keeping the device online, then we'd like to diagnose and fix the root cause with you. Just contact for help and provide the email address associated with your Camio account.

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