How do I set up Axis 210A/211A cameras?

These setup instructions are in relation to the Axis User Manual

Event Servers (page 36)

URL Replace :token with your token obtained at and replace :camera with the name of your camera.
Name Camio You can use any name, but we suggest Camio just for easy recognition.
Username none (empty) Camio does not require a username. Leave this field empty.
Password none (empty) Camio does not require a password. Leave this field empty.

 Event Types (page 37)

Name Motion Event Enter a name for motion-triggered events that will upload snapshots to
Priority High  
Min time interval between triggers 00:00:00 No min time is required, but you can set this to 1 second of preferred.
When triggered Upload to HTTP server Tell the camera to upload using the HTTP Event Server you defined above.
Pre-trigger 2 seconds  
Post-trigger 2 seconds  
Image frequency 1 frame per second  
Continue image upload for as long as the trigger is active Upload images for the entire duration of the motion event.


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