Why isn't recording free?

We really wanted to make Camio recording free, and we're sad that we just couldn't afford it.

Camio shines when you record video, since that's where all the magic happens in the machine learning that finds the important moments and summarizes them in the Camio Daily.

In pricing Camio, we took an actuarial risk that didn't work out. Our original plan was to make smart video monitoring accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they had any money at all. But the rapid growth in single-camera free recording exceeded the ability for multi-camera paying customers to subsidize the cost of free customers.

A single video camera, recording even for a fraction of a day, requires far more image processing compute power than an entire year of your family photos. So while we'll continue to engineer cost reductions, we're also proud to have gotten the price of Camio Plus down to 33 cents per day for 30-day storage, advanced machine learning, and super-fast search.

We hope Camio is a valuable connection to the people and places you love most. We built it for friends and family and will continue to make it the best value in smart video monitoring.

thank you,
Carter Maslan, on behalf of the Camio Team.

p.s. - you can still get 1 month of Camio Plus free each time a friend accepts your invitation to use Camio. That was the other thing we learned in this growth period; it's better to spend money on free compute power for happy customers who tell others than to spend it on Ads!

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