How do I set up the HikVision Network Camera (V5.2.0)

DEPRECATED: please use instead. FTP no longer supported.

DRAFT (not yet confirmed to be correct). We are unsure whether "Capture Number" has a value to record for the entire duration of the motion event.

These tips reference this HikVision v5.2.0 User Manual.

Section 6.3.11 Configuring FTP Settings

Configuration >Advanced Configuration > Network > FTP

Server Address

Using the DNS name is strongly preferred over a single IP address, but it appears this version of the firmware supports only IP addresses.
Port 21  
User Name paste your shortened Upload Token from  Your Upload Token is your username and is not confidential.
Password camio  The password doesn't matter.
Confirm camio  
Directory Structure Save in parent directory  
Parent Directory /camera_name Device Name or Camera Name
Upload Type Upload Picture checked  

6.6.1 Configuring Motion Detection

Configuration > Advanced Configuration> Events > Motion Detection

Enable Motion Detection checked ON
Enable Dynamic Analysis for Motion unchecked  OFF
Configuration Normal  
Draw Area Draw over the entire screen. Detect all motion that the camera observers unless you know that you want to exclude certain regions.
Sensitivity 70 your choice
Arming Schedule All days and times Arm motion detection always.
Upload to FTP checked leave all others unchecked under Normal Linkage



7.3 Configuring Snapshot Settings

Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Storage > Snapshot

Enable Timing Snapshot checked
Resolution your choice (e.g. 1920x1080)
Quality your choice (High)
Interval 10 minutes (1 snapshot every 10 minutes)
Enable Event-triggered Snapshot checked
Resolution your choice (e.g. 1920x1080)
Quality your choice
Interval 1 second (1 frame per second)
Capture Number 4


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