How do I set up a Mobotix T25, Mobotix S15

DRAFT: These instructions are not yet complete. We are investigating the usage of the IP Notify Profile as a better HTTP alternative to the use of FTP.

Transfer Profile > FTP Profiles

Click FTP Profiles:

Add a new FTP Profile

For example, name the profile FTP-Camio, enter these values below, and press the Set button:

Name Value Description
FTP Server  
User Name paste your shortened Upload Token found at Use the shortened token.
Password camio Password is ignored, so this value doesn't matter.
Connection Passive FTP  
Streaming FTP Upload Off Camio relies on the motion-triggered uploads, not continuous uploads.
Directory Name frontdoor Enter a single-word camera name as the Directory Name (e.g. backyard, frontdoor, driveway)
File Name current.jpg  
File Type Video clip  
Clip File Type Single JPEG file(s)  
Clip Frame Rate 1 fps Camio analyzes frames at 1 frame per second.
Time Before 3 s Record 3 seconds before the motion trigger.
Time After 3 s Record 3 seconds after the motion trigger too.

Action Group Details

Click the Add new action button, enter these values below, and press the Set button:

Name Value Description
Action Type and Profile FTP - FTP-Camio Or whatever you named your FTP Profile above (e.g. FTP-Webcam)
Action Timeout 0 Do not timeout; keep uploading for the duration of the motion.


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