How do I set up Foscam FI9831W cameras?

DRAFT: these instructions have not yet been tested and confirmed. In particular, we're uncertain whether the FTP upload path can be specified in the FTP Server or in the Alarm Settings.

These instructions are relative to the Foscam FI9831W User Manual:

3.13 FTP Service Settings

FTP Server Replace "driveway" with your preferred name for your camera like "front" or "backyard" as in
Port 21  
User name paste your shortened Upload Token from NOTE: the same Upload Token is used across all your cameras.
Password camio The password is ignored, so anything is OK.

Press the Save button.

4.4.4 Snapshot Settings

Image Quality Medium  
Alarm Pictures Save To FTP Is there a place to specify the path as well? If so, set the path to be the one-word camera name like /front or /driveway
  1s Choose the lowest value, since we want to capture motion continuously for the duration of the motion event.

4.5 Alarm Settings

Enable checked  
Sensitivity Medium  
Triggered Interval 5s  
Action: Take Snapshot checked Time Interval 1s



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