How do I set up a Vivotek PZ7111/PZ7112/PZ7121/PZ7122

DRAFT in progress of being verified as correct.

These instructions are relative to the Vivotek User Manual.


Motion Detection (page 57)

Click New to add a new motion detection window and move or resize it to cover the entire area in which you want to detect motion.

Enable motion detection checked  
Window Name W1  
Sensitivity 80%  
Percentage 5%  


Event Settings (page 65)

Click Add button

Event name Camio Motion  
Enable this event checked  
Priority Normal  
Detect next event after   1 second
Trigger Video motion detection Choose Detect motion in window 1 2 3 (based on the windows you enabled in Motion Detection above)
Event Schedule Check all days  
Time Always  

Click Save

Click Add Server


Server Settings (page 71)

Server Type HTTP  
URL<token>/<camera> Replace <token> with your shortened Upload Token found at and replace <camera> with your preferred camera name. For example: for your token t2qr and front camera.
User name leave blank Camio uses the Upload Token as the sole source of authorization to upload content so that no camera has credentials to access your account.
Password leave blank see above.

Click Test to verify setup is OK.

Click Save then click Close to exit the page.

Media Settings (page 74)

Media name Snapshot  
Media Type Snapshot  
Source Stream1  
Send 2 pre-event images  
Send 7 post-event images  
File name prefix snapshot_  
Add date and time suffix to file name checked  

Click Save then click Close to exit the page.

Now, select the Media for the Server:

HTTP (checked) Media Snapshot




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