Why am I not getting alerts?

If you are receiving no alerts at all, make sure your alerts are turned on. To learn how, go to How do I turn alerts off/on.

If you not getting alerts for a specific camera, also check How do I turn alerts off/on.

If you get alerts only for certain types of events but not others, make sure you have a pinned search for the type of event you want to be alerted on. To learn how to pin a search, go to How do I set up alerts.

Finally, if you get alerts for the cameras you want and the types of events you want but you find that not all events that match these criteria trigger alerts, note the following:

Our notification system is designed to send no more than 1 push notification in a 5 minute span,  per pinned search. For emails, this duration is increased to 10 minutes.

Motion alerts are often triggered in quick succession around moments of high activity. This can inundate the user with too many alerts. To prevent this, we send only one message for activity in a short span of time.

Please let us know if you would like to see alerts work differently or if you did not find this article helpful. We would love to hear from you.

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