How do I join a Sharx camera to my WiFi network using my browser?

Here are the steps:

  1. Find the local IP address of your Sharx camera (e.g., or We recommend using the Fing app for your smartphone after you've joined your smartphone to the same WiFi Network that your cameras will use. The Fing app scans your local network to find devices attached. Sharx cameras will usually appear as REALTEK SEMICONDUCTOR.

  2. Open the camera's local IP address in your browser (e.g. in your browser's address bar). The factory-default user name is admin and password is admin. Choose Setting, then Wireless Setup under the Network menu:

  3. Click the Search button to find your WiFi network SSID, then select its radio button and press OK:

  4. Enter your WiFi password (also known as WPA key) and press Apply.
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