How can I set up my Sharx camera using my web browser?

DEPRECATED - please use instead.

If you do not have an Android device that you can use to set up automatically using the Camio app for Android, then you can still use your browser to configure your Sharx camera by following these steps:


    1. Plug the Sharx camera into power and connect it via Ethernet cable to one of the open ports in your local network's router:

    2. Join your computer, tablet, or smartphone to the same local network that your Sharx camera is connected to.

    3. Open in your browser after the camera has been powered-up for at least one minute.

    4. Click Add New Camera and then Sharx v5, then follow the setup prompts:

    5. If your camera will be connected via WiFi, then follow these additional steps to join the Sharx camera to your WiFi network.


p.s. - to find the local IP address of your Sharx camera (e.g., or, we recommend using the Fing app from your smartphone after you've joined your smartphone to the same WiFi Network that your cameras will use. The Fing app scans your local network to find devices attached. Sharx cameras will usually appear as REALTEK SEMICONDUCTOR.

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