How do I set up alerts?

Default Alerts

You don't have to do anything to receive alerts if you've installed the Camio app on your smartphone, since by default you'll receive push notifications for important events. But search-based alerts are the preferred way to control the alerts you receive (described below). To get email alerts instead of push notifications, see How do I change how I get alerts.

Search-based Alerts

To get alerts only when an event matches a specific query, just pin the query.

  • Perform a search like "people approaching walkway" so that the query is in the search history dropdown, then
  • Pin the query in your search history shown when you click inside the search box.

As an example, if I want to get alerts when a car approaches my driveway, I can do a search for “car approaching driveway”:


Once I've used that query to search, it's in my search history:


I can then pin the query:



NOTE: once you pin one or more queries, they become the sole triggers for your alerts.  So the default alerts on all other important events are suppressed. To resume getting alerts for all important events again, simply unpin all your pinned queries.

To turn alerts off without unpinning your queries, see How do I turn alerts off/on. 


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