How do I set up Vivotek FD8136 cameras?

DRAFT - pending updates and confirmation

These instructions refer to the Vivotek FD8136 User Manual.

Event > Add > Trigger > Video Motion Detection

Tell the camera to upload only upon noticing events triggered by video motion detection.


Add Sever > HTTP (

Use the Server type HTTP to add the Camio server:


Replace <token> with your Upload Token and replace <camera> with your preferred camera name. For example, if your camera name is "front", then this url will look like:

Username leave blank (ignored)  
Password leave blank (ignored)  


Applications > Motion Detection (p 100)

Check "Enable".


Recording > Recording settings (p 104)

Enter these values:

Recording Name Camio Motion  
Enable this recording checked  
With adaptive recording checked  
Pre-event recording 3 seconds  
Post-event recording 3 seconds  
Priority Normal  
Source Stream1 or, your preferred stream
Trigger Event enable Event first; do not use Schedule-based recording.


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