How do I set up Axis Q1635 fixed network cameras?

These DRAFT instructions reference the AXIS Q1635 Fixed Network Camera User Manual and are not yet confirmed.

Recipient Setup

Name camio https Any name is fine.
Type HTTPS  


Example with variables substituted:

Replace ":token" with your Upload Token

Replace ":camera_name" with your preferred name like "front" or "entrance".

Replace ":camera_id" with an ID that's unique across the cameras in your account. You can create your own ID or use the camera's MAC Address or serial number.

User name leave blank (ignored)  
Password leave blank (ignored)  
Validate server certificate checked  

Action Rule Setup


Enable rule checked  
Name vmd camio Any name you'd like to identify Video Motion Detection uploads to is fine.



Active: Yes

Schedule Always  
Actions Type Send Video Clip  
Stream profile H.264  

checked: Pre-event time 1 second(s)

checked: While rule is active

checked: Post-event time 1 second(s)

Recipient camio https This is the Recipient added above.
Create folder leave blank (not wanted)  
Base file name


Add date/time suffix


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