How can I enable other people to record privately to my account?

Delegated Recording

Camio enables you to enlist other people to use their own devices to record to your account. You send each person either a link or QR code that enables his/her device to act only as a recorder for your account (i.e. without access to the content in your account).

There are two ways to connect the other cameras to your Camio account:

  1. Link - recipients click the link from the phone/tablet that is recording.
  2. QR Code - recipients open the code in a browser and scan it with their recording phone/tablet.


If the people recording can receive a message from you on their recording devices, then you can send them a link that starts recording immediately.

For example, say that you have colleagues in two offices in Boston and Dallas, and your is abc123. Then you'd send two emails - one to each person in each office - with links like these:



Note that the camera name is specified by the c= parameter at the end of each link.

QR Code

If people cannot receive email on their recording devices, then they can scan a QR code by opening links like these in any Web Browser:



Each person then:

  1. opens the link to display the QR code in a Web Browser
  2. opens the Camio app for Android or iOS to press 'Record with QR code' on the sign-in screen
  3. scans the QR code and presses the Record button

This is an example of the QR code page:

The QR code scanning is a one-time thing. The Camio app will subsequently open in recording mode each time - without the need to scan the QR code again.


Mail Merge Tool

To make it easy to send people the required links for Delegated Recording, Camio provides a Google Worksheet for Delegated Recording Mail Merge


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