Why are my FTP uploads failing sometimes?

Camio limits the number of concurrent FTP connections from a single IP address to 24. That sounds like a lot, and it is a lot for well-written camera firmware that sequentially uploads a queue of motion-triggered images or video.

But if the settings of your camera specify and upload rate that exceeds the rate at which content can be transferred through your Internet connection, then some cameras get "backed up" with concurrently open FTP connections that have not completed their uploads. That "back up" can then result in exceeding the 24-connection-per-IP-address limit and then the uploads start failing.

Please check that your camera settings:

  1. upload only upon motion detection
  2. transfer no more than 1 frame per second snapshots
  3. transfer videos no larger then 2MB per video clip
  4. if uploading periodically regardless of motion, do not exceed 1 upload every 20 minutes.

Please contact us at support@camio.com if your setup continues to run into limiting problems. But Camio strongly prefers HTTP/HTTPS over FTP, so if your camera happens to support HTTP/HTTPS uploads, then please switch away from use of FTP.

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