How do I set up D-Link DCS-2630L cameras?

These DRAFT instructions reference the DCS-2630L User Manual are not yet confirmed accurate. We have not confirmed that the camera's video motion detection is effective and that the snapshot and video uploads continue for the entire duration of the motion event.

Snapshot Notifications (p. 22)

Enabled checked  
Snapshot Type 6 snapshots 1 second interval  
FTP use the same FTP settings specified below.  

Video Clip Notifications (p. 23)


Enabled checked  
Source Profile 1  
File Format MP4  
Pre-event recording 5 seconds  
Maximum duration 10 seconds  
FTP radio button checked  
FTP Server/Port port 21  
User Name paste your shortened Upload Token from  


for example:


replace ":camera_name" with your desired name.
Send next FTP after 10 seconds  
Passive mode checked  

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