I have my Camio Box. What do I do next?


  1. Plug in the AC power adaptor into the power port on the side of your Camio Box and attach your Box to a router (or switch)via an ethernet cable on the same local network as the cameras/NVR.

  2. Find the MAC address of your Camio Box (it's printed on a slip of paper in the packaging your Box came in). You can also use a network-scanning application like Fing if you don't have the paper slip.

  3. Go to https://camio.com/box/register and enter the MAC address with no colons and in all upper-case, then click the Register button.

Once your Box is registered, click Next to go to your camio.com/boxes page. After the network scan has completed, choose the cameras you’d like to connect to Camio and give each of them a unique name that describes its location (e.g. "backyard", "front") for easy search & alerts.

The steps above come after you've connected your cameras to your local network. If they're not yet connected, then see these instructions.

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