How can I set up Panasonic BL-C230A cameras?

NOTE: The preferred setup is to use, since Camio Box records video rather than snapshots only and avoids the manual setup steps outlined below. But if you want to use this camera standalone, then these are the configuration steps.

1) flip the switch to WIRED on the bottom of the camera and plug into Ethernet and power.

2) join your phone to your WiFi and use the Fing app to find the local IP address of the camera. Its MAC address will likely start with 00:80:F0 and be shown as "Panasonic Communications".

3) open the camera's admin web page by opening its local IP address (e.g. in your browser.

4) Click the Setup tab and click Trigger, the click No. 1.

5) Check Enable Image Buffer/Transfer with the Trigger Motion Detection and press Next.

6) Complete the Motion Detection Setting as shown below and press Next.

7) Enter Host Name as Port No. 80 with the Upload File Name like:


where you replace :token and :camera_name with your and a camera name of your choosing. For example, if your token were AQAcS582T69rgth4 and your camera name were kitchen, then your Upload File Name would look like this:


Choose Save as New File with Time Stamp and press Save.

8) Return to the trigger page:

9) Click No. 2 to enable a Timer Trigger, then press Next.

10) Enter values as you see below and press Next.

11) Enter the same values as you did in step 7 above and press Save.

12) Your Trigger list should now look like this for 1 and 2: 

13) Click Wireless and enter your WiFi SSID (Network Name) and Network Key (password). Then press Save. You can then flip the switch on the bottom of the camera to WIRELESS.


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