Can I teach Camio to use my own labels?

Yes. When you add, remove, or confirm Event labels, you're training Camio to learn the association between specific Events and specific labels. 

  1. Select one or more Events you'd like to label by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner of each Event (or shift-click to select a range of Events).
  2. Press the Label icon to open the pane showing all the existing labels.
  3. Click the text of the label to confirm it as correct (which turns it black).
  4. Click the 'x' of the label to remove it as incorrect.
  5. Type a new label and press Enter to add a label.
  6. Press Save once you've completed your desired changes.


black labels These labels are confirmed as correct for all the selected Events and indexed for search.
white labels These labels are found on 1 or more selected Events and aren't yet confirmed as correct.

When you press Save, the effect on your indexed Events is immediate in terms of subsequent search results of the modified Events. However, the new Machine Learning models are updated gradually as training data is sufficient to influence future labeling of your Events, so you may not see a change in future labeling right away.


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