How can I diagnose customer configuration problems?

Accounts Tool

The easiest way to diagnose problems is to use this page:

This tool and the Camio API are available to your authorized support staff members and enables you to lookup the configuration and state of your customer's Boxes and video streams. The authorization to use the API for customer support enables you to specify the user URL parameter to specify your customer's email address.

If you're not a Guest on the end user's account, then in order to use these APIs on accounts other than your own, you must first:

  1. verify your email address associated with your own Camio account on your own domain if not already verified.
  2. contact Camio to authorize your email address and domain.
  3. confirm that the customer has subscribed via your domain.

The complete Camio API is documented at, but the common support APIs are highlighted below. You can also provide customers with this information to diagnose their own configuration problems.

User sign-in information

Ask users to open the /me page (e.g. to confirm the email address they're using to sign-in, since you need that email address for the user= URL parameter of the APIs below.


Box configuration and video stream state


The response lists all Boxes and video streams registered to user The most commonly useful diagnostic information includes the rtsp_url_pattern and rtsp_url_params:

"rtsp_url_pattern": "rtsp://***redacted***/axis-media/media.amp?camera\u003d{{stream}}",
"rtsp_url_params": {
  "port": "554",
  "username": "admin",
  "stream": "1",
  "password": "***redacted***"

And the state of the associated video stream, which includes state.camera_info with code and message that's key to understand the error in connecting to a particular stream.

"state": {
  "camera_info": {
    "ACCC8E0C34E9.0": {
      "live_view_active": false,
      "online": true,
      "stream_state": {
        "code": "200",
        "message": "OK",
        "perc_obtained_frames": 99.609375,
        "width": 1280,
        "height": 720,
        "movie_size_bytes": 4758714,
        "frame_rate": 25.153936,
        "codec_name": "h264",
        "bit_rate_kbps": 3737.601,
        "h264_profile": "Baseline"
      "network_configuration_actual": {
      "ip_address": ""

Camera assignments to subscription plans


This response shows the cameras that the user has assigned to each plan as in this example showing the 4 cameras that have been assigned to the "pro" plan:

  "id": "pro",
  "name": "Pro",
  "expiration_date": "2018-02-08T00:19:40.000-0000",
  "num_cameras": 6,
  "num_cameras_assigned": 4,
  "stripe_customer_id": "cus_BtEsXLfCSC8zeY",
  "camera_ids": [


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