How do I search for a specific person?

NOTE: Face detection and recognition are in Preview only for select Plans for video streams connected via Box.

To find specific people, first enable face recognition. From that point forward, Camio will detect and recognize faces.

The face recognition doesn't require that the faces be known beforehand. Instead, you can label the faces you see in your video history to associate names/labels with the people recognized.

  1. Choose Show Croppings from the overflow menu of the Event viewer:

  2. Click on the faces detected in the lower left of the Event viewer:

  3. Enter a label for the face shown in the orange bounding box:

  4. Now search for the person you labeled with the query "Some guy in glasses" to find other times that person has appeared across any other camera that has face recognition enabled.

Even without labeling a face, you can search of all occurrences of a detected face by clicking on the icon at the right of the face labeling field, as shown circled in green below:



  1. Q: Why are some faces shown only as generic icons rather than as the actual person's face?
    A: For efficiency, Camio may not save or upload the cropped face, since the bounding box and timestamp enable Camio to display the face in the video itself. In the future, Camio will provide cropped images of the faces on-demand as you begin labeling faces.

  2. Q: How do I remove a label that I've associated with a face?
    A: Click on the face and clear the text. That deletes the label so that the person's face no longer appears in search results for that label.

  3. Q: Does labeling a face today allow me to search for prior appearances of that person?
    A: Yes, the person's face was assigned a unique id prior to your labeling it, so your newly applied label is translated into that unique id indexed in prior Events.

  4. Q: Can I upload the faces of known people without labeling them interactively in the UI?
    A: Not yet. The will include a bulk upload tool soon. There are also other ways to correlate faces with access control events automatically using the API, so contact us for integration help.

  5. Q: Why is face recognition inaccurate sometimes?
    A: See the answer describing Pixels Per Foot (PPF) required for face recognition.
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