What are the options for billing and invoicing?

Billing Options

Camio supports three methods of billing:

  1. direct-to-end-customer
    • Partner creates a Stripe account connected to Camio.
    • The end customer subscribes via credit card on the partner's domain (e.g. acme.com/account)
    • The end customer specifies the number of streams subscribed.
    • The charges are presented under the partner's brand (e.g. "ACME.com" appears on the credit card bill).
    • The partner creates the subscription plans to offer (e.g. "ACME Plus Plan").
    • The partner receives payments, manages refunds, and pays Stripe processing fees (~2.9% of charge).
    • Camio collects an application_fee automatically upon the partner's receipt of payment.

  2. wholesale-to-partner
    • The partner subscribes via invoice from Camio (i.e. camio.com/account/#billing=send_invoice;user=acmecustomer@gmail.com).
    • The partner specifies the number of streams subscribed on behalf of each customer.
    • The charges are presented only to the partner under Camio's brand.
    • Camio creates the wholesale subscription plans for the partner based on partner's request.
    • The partner is responsible for its own invoicing and payment collection for end customers.
    • Camio receives payment from the partner at the beginning of each subscription period.

  3. master account domain billing
    • All accounts of a specific domain use the subscriptions of a single Master Account specified at:
    • As new streams are connected, they're assigned the default plan of the Master Account; but each individual stream can also be assigned to any of the active subscriptions of the Master Account.


  • Is all billing via credit card?
    For #1 direct-to-end-customer, yes, all billing is via credit card unless the end customer applies for credit check required for invoice-based billing.
    For #2 whole-sale-to-partner, credit card is required only for authorization check, since invoices are sent instead of charging the credit card.

  • How do I know about new subscriptions?
    For #1, Stripe provides you the option to receive email immediately upon subscription creation or you can review all subscriptions and payments anytime online with Stripe's own reporting tools.

  • For partner invoices, how do I know when payment is due?
    The email associated with the partner's master account will receive invoices, and each invoice includes the payment due date.


An example of #1 direct-to-end-customer invoice is this Ella receipt:



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