How do I estimate the price of Camio SaaS and hardware?

You can quickly estimate the price for SaaS by using the tool at:

There are two main questions:

  1. Motion % of Day
    You can either enter the known value from your NVR motion-triggered recording or estimate this based on your knowledge of the scene. For example:
    • 35% for a commercial front gate entrance
    • 12% for a medium-sized office entrance
    • 9% for a medium-sized warehouse
    • 4% for a quiet vacation home

  2. Scene Activity
    Characterize the complexity of the motion in the scene. For example, a busy street with lots of vehicles passing is High. A office building lobby with groups of people entering sporadically is Medium. And an emergency exit door with only a couple people passing at a time is Low.

The other questions are straight forward:


The exact features and service levels you choose in consultation with your support team may increase or decrease the price. For example, both lazy indexing and schedule-based recording can reduce the price, while advanced object classification and OCR increase the price.

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