How do I see every time a person has unlocked any door in any building?

When you associate cameras with entrances, your can use access control events as search query terms. For example, you can quickly review every time Bob unlocked a door across any building on campus with the query;q=bob_jones_entry.unlocked. 

Set up in 3 steps

The Openpath + Camio integration requires no network changes, no on-site visits, and no software installations. The setup can be done from any web browser:

  1. Link Camio to Openpath via the sign-in or token of a read-only User Role.
  2. Assign each camera to an entry at
  3. Create Outbound Webhooks from Openpath to Camio.
    (use this Python script instead of the repeated copy/paste of webhooks if you'd like)


  1. Ether sign in to Openpath with a read-only User Role OR enter your Openpath orgId at:
  2. Enter the numeric Openpath entryId values for each camera that has a view onto an access-controlled entrance and press the Save button. If you've entered a read-only userId for lookups, then you can select from the drowdownlist as in this redacted example:

The use of a read-only userId and token is optional and used only to a) list available entryId values with descriptions and b) translate userId values into people's names.


The access control events are indexed by userId, userId_event, event, and status. For example:

Example Search URL event or status code Description;q=entry.unlocked entry.unlocked Show every entry.unlocked event across all doors.;q=987_entry.unlocked entry.unlocked Shows every time userId 987 requested entry.unlocked event.;q=SUCCESS__ACCESS_GRANTED SUCCESS__ACCESS_GRANTED Show every time the access status was "SUCCESS__ACCESS_GRANTED";q=entry.ajar.started  entry.ajar.started Show anytime a door was left ajar.;q=entry.ajar.ended entry.ajar.ended Show times at which a door ajar was closed again.;q=entry.forcedOpen entry.forcedOpen Show any opening of a door without authorized access.;q=entry.authenticated.failed

entry.authenticated.failed Show invalid card attempts.;q=entry.authorized.failed

entry.authorized.failed Show attempts forbidden by hour-of-day or other constraints.



For large deployments, the same settings are also accessible via the Camio API. The example above would be: 

curl \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"cameraMap":{"117550000798386757677:7CDD90CE5753:7CDD90CE5753.0":{"entryId":4557},"117550000798386757677:7CDD90CE5754:7CDD90CE5754.0": {"entryId":4558}},"orgId":663,"token":"xyzpdqz","userId":123}' \
  -X PUT

The JSON above formatted for legibility:

  "cameraMap": {
    "117550000798386757677:7CDD90CE5753:7CDD90CE5753.0": {
      "entryId": 4557
    "117550000798386757677:7CDD90CE5754:7CDD90CE5754.0": {
      "entryId": 4558
  "orgId": 663,
  "token": "xyzpdqz",
  "userId": 123

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