How do I retrieve all Events regardless of my auto-upload query filter?

Query-match indexing saves bandwidth and money by uploading and indexing only the Events that match your query filters like human or vehicle 10pm to 6am.

However, if you occasionally need to retrieve Events outside of the criteria defined by your event_auto_upload_query_filter, for example, to see everything that happened between 8am and 9:30am on June 10th on cam 1 and cam2, then perform a time range query to initiate the upload like this:

8am to 9:30am June 10th cam1 cam2 

Specify the minimum time range and set of cameras needed for your forensic investigation. To avoid accidental retrieval of large blocks of time, any query without the tag:box search operator will trigger a prompt like this:


Clicking the button will reissue the query using the tag:box search operator as an explicit request to retrieve all content that matches your query from any Box on your account.



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