How can I correct upside down (flipped or rotated) video?

Camio records the video stream as-is from the source.

So if the encoded video from the camera, NVR, or VMS has incorrect metadata describing the orientation of the video, then the video may appear upside down or rotated in the HTML5 video player.

Ideally, change the camera's video encoding settings so that the video is oriented correctly.

If you can't access the camera's encoding settings, and need a temporary workaround, then you can use the keyboard shortcut key 'f' to FLIP the video.

  1. Click an Event to play the video.
  2. Press the 'f' key to flip the video 180 degrees (the 'f' key acts as a toggle on/off).
  3. Your preference to flip that camera's video is cookied in your browser only.

We will later add an option to Camio Box to perform this rotation at the time of recording, but it's still better to correct the encoding settings of the source.

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