How to setup Camio Box on Docker?


Note: Camio's Docker deployment has been deprecated and is no longer supported. It can be used for testing purposes but firmware updates are not currently provided. Keep checking back for the latest version!


Camio provides a Docker container image of the Camio Box that can be used with Linux hosts. The container hosted in this way behaves just like a physical machine. In order to use the Camio Box on Docker, please follow the steps below:

On a host machine, we need to load the Camio Box docker image and then launch a container using this image.

  1. Pull the image on the machine as a docker image

    $ sudo docker pull
  2. Launch this image on the host machine.

    • This step describes the method to run the container replicating the host network, where it will use the MAC address of host machine, and has the ability to scan local network to find cameras.

      $ sudo docker run -d --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/ramfs,tmpfs-size=700M --name camio --network host --restart always

      The flags specify:

      • -d : Run the container as a daemon process
      • --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/ramfs,tmpfs-size=700M : Mount the tmpfs on the container allocating 700MB for it.
      • --name camio : Provide a name to the container in addition to the hash ID
      • --network host : Set the network type of the container to host, in which case it replicates the network of host (and therefore, uses the MAC address of the host machine)
      • --restart always : This lets the container restart itself if something goes wrong or if the host restarts.
    • This step describes the method to run the container with a custom MAC. In this case the box loses the ability to scan the local network, but can run as an independent box, and can access the cameras if their address is provided.
      $ sudo docker run -d --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/ramfs,tmpfs-size=700M --name camio --mac-address BE:FE:11:00:00:00 --restart always
      • --mac-address MAC_ADDRESS : Set the mac address of the container to a specific address and use bridge networking.
  3. Check that the container is running using

    $ sudo docker container ps
  4. Register the box using Camio boxes page

    1. Go to
    2. Enter a name for your Camio Box.
    3. The MAC address to be used for registration should either be same as the host machine, or the specific MAC_ADDRESS if the box is launched using bridge networking.
    4. Click 'Register' and wait for confirmation of registration success to appear on that page.

Start or stop the docker

To stop the docker container

$ sudo docker stop camio

To start the docker container

$ sudo docker start camio


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