How do I install MicroK8s for Camio Flex?

These are instructions for installing MicroK8s, a Kubernetes distribution used for deploying Camio Flex, on Linux.


Before installing, be sure your system meets the minimum requirements and has access to the hostnames required.

  • According to MicroK8s official documentation: MicroK8s runs in as little as 540MB of memory, but to accommodate workloads, we recommend a system with at least 20G of disk space and 4G of memory.
  • Connection to the internet

The above are the bare minimum requirements to install microk8s. Camio Flex requires the above requirements along with the following:

  • Current estimates are around 1gb/stream of memory + 1cpu core/stream + 10gb/stream of disk space. Ideally with 20% extra for usage spikes and overhead. 
  • Adding local storage is also an option, and a recommendation of an additional 50-100gb/stream 
  • Flex is also not recommended on systems with less than 4 cores at the moment.

The system must also be running Ubuntu, preferably no older than version 20.04.

Hostnames for microk8s

Your firewall must permit access to these additional hostnames.


Installing Microk8s

Camio Flex is tested on Microk8s version 1.23 

  1. To install it, use snap install:
    sudo snap install microk8s --classic --channel=1.23/stable
  2. By recommendation of MicroK8s, add the active user to the microk8s group and own .kube:
    sudo usermod -a -G microk8s $USER
    sudo chown -f -R $USER ~/.kube
  3. Check to see the status:
    sudo microk8s status
  4. Now we will enable the required addons:
    sudo microk8s enable dns storage helm3
  5. If you would like a k8s gui, you can also add the dashboard package:
    sudo microk8s enable dashboard
  6. The next step is to edit the kublet file. This is usually found at the following path:
  7. Add or edit these values in the kubelet file:
  8. Then reset the kubelet service:
    sudo service snap.microk8s.daemon-kubelet restart
  9. You can use the microk8s status command to check when microk8s is back up:
    sudo microk8s status
    MicroK8s should now be installed and set up properly for use with Camio Flex.
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