Can I turn my Odroid Device into a Camio Box?

Yes! Using the disk images provided by Camio, you can turn your existing Odroid ARM device into a working Camio Box.



Items needed:

  • ARM-based Odroid Device (C1, C2, C4, XU4)
  • Blank SD card (32GB minimum): IMPORTANT - will not work with cards smaller than 32GB
  • Computer with an SD card reader.

Getting the OS-image onto your Odroid:

  1. Download the compressed .iso file from here for a C2, or here for a C4. 
  2. unzip
    This will extract the file to your current location.
  3. Insert into your computer the SD card you wish to use.
  4. Identify the name of your SD card.
    • OSX : About This Mac > System Report > USB > USB 3.0 Bus > Card Reader, then read the BSD name of the top level Card Reader (not the Volumes). The name should be something like /dev/disk7.
    • Windows : Open Windows Explorer, and look down the column on the left to locate the drive identifier (such as :G).
  5. Burn the OS image onto the SD card.
    • OSX :
      1. Open up your terminal.
      2. Double check you have the correct name of the SD card (IMPORTANT: the following command will completely overwrite the disk that is named, so ensure that you have the name right) You can see the list of disks by using this command:
$ df -h
      1. Run the following command in your shell after replacing /dev/diskX with the path to your SD card:
        sudo dd bs=1m if=camio-box-os-odroidc2-2019-01-02.iso of=/dev/diskX
        1. Note that if you get Permission Denied when using sudo, your SD card might have a physical write-protect switch that needs to be turned off.
      2. Wait for this command to finish, it should take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete. When it is done you will see an output resembling:
        2176+0 records in
        2176+0 records out
        1114112 bytes transferred in 0.013963 secs (79790394 bytes/sec)
      3. Eject and remove the SD card from your computer.
    • Windows :
      1. Download the Win32DiskImager utility from the Sourceforge Project page as a zip file; you can run this from a USB drive.
      2. Extract the executable from the zip file and run it (may need to be ran as administrator).
      3. From Win32DiskImager, select the camio-box-os-odroidc2-2016-09-11.iso file and the drive identifier of your SD card. Ensure your information is correct, and click on 'Write'. This will write the .iso file to your SD card.
      4. Exit the program and eject the SD card.

Getting your Box setup and configured

  1. Insert the SD card into your Odroid, then connect the Odroid to a power source and let it boot-up.
  2. Navigate to and follow the instructions from there on how to use a QR-code from our site with the PiCamera on the box to register the device.


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