Can I use an external USB drive for video storage with my Camio Box?

Yes! You can insert a USB drive into one of the USB slots for your Camio Box or Camio Box Pro and the Box will use this drive for storage of movies and metadata.



Items Needed

  1. Camio Box or Camio Box Pro
  2. USB Storage drive, must be formatted as ext4 (FAT format will *not* work)

If you're looking for an external drive to use for storage, we at Camio recommend this item: SanDisk Extreme 500 (240GB).


What Does Using External Storage Do?

Using external storage enables your Camio Box to store movies and metadata on the external drive instead of volatile memory inside of the device. This enables you to retain a large buffer of video and metadata on your local network, which is particularly useful when operating in "metadata-only" mode. The larger buffer enables you to request that video be uploaded only on-demand.


How to Use External Storage

  1. Turn off your Camio Box by disconnecting it from power.
  2. Take your (ext4 formatted) USB drive and insert it into any of the available USB slots on your Camio Box.
  3. Reattach your Camio Box to power.

Your Camio Box will detect the drive and use it to store the movies and metadata that it collects during normal operation.



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