How do I set up my own site powered by Camio?

Contact us to discuss these three options for partners:

  1. branded CNAME (e.g.
  2. custom domain (e.g.
  3. API integration (e.g. write apps using

Option 1: Branded CNAME

For the partner-branded CNAME, please provide:

  1. logo in vector format like SVG or Adobe Illustrator
  2. preferred CNAME or domain (e.g. pointing to
  3. social media handles for Twitter and Facebook
  4. footer HTML
  5. preferred contact URL for redirect
  6. preferred  home page URL for redirect of paths unrelated to Camio services
  7. /app sign-in button on your home page (e.g. link to if redirects to your home page)
  8. favicon if different from your logo.

Option 2: Custom Domain

For a custom domain, please provide everything for Option 1 and perform these additional steps:

  1. Add the TXT DNS record supplied by Camio support for domain verification.
  2. Set up your Stripe account with the brand and logo to be facing end customers on credit card statements and invoices.
  3. Create email templates by cloning this repo and send a link to the master branch to
  4. Give Camio OAuth permission in Stripe to create subscriptions and charges.

Camio will provide and manage the SSL certificates for the CNAMEs/domains that you map to it.

Option 3: API Integration

The UX delivered by options 1 and 2 is built on top of the Camio API. So you can either write your own applications or extend options 1 and 2 with customizations using the Camio API. Please see:


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