Installation and Setup for Gyms


  1. Plug your Camio Box 1130A into an AC outlet and into an ethernet switch on the local area network (LAN) used by your IP cameras.
  2. Sign in to Camio, go to the menu > Boxes > Register a Box and register the Camio Box to your account using the MAC address found on the label on the Camio Box.
  3. After registering your Box, click the button that appears, or use the menu to navigate back to the Boxes page.


  1. From the Boxes page, select 'Add a Camera' and enter the information for the door-facing camera you wish to connect to Camio.
  2. Follow these steps to integrate your access control.
  3. Configure a 3D Grid for Tailgating Detection.
  4. Purchase and assign your SaaS plan to your camera.

End User Onboarding

  1. Invite any of your gym managers as Guests.
  2. Configure your tailgating alerts!
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