Time Zone Abbreviations and Names supported by Query Parser

These are the time zone names and abbreviations recognized by the query parser. But you can also specify any timezone as an offset from GMT with hours and minutes, as in this example for India Standard Time: UTC+5:30.

abbreviation aliases name
UTC utc | gmt | z UTC
ET est | edt | et | iet | eastern America/New_York
PT pst | pdt | pt | pacific America/Los_Angeles
CT cst | cdt | ct | central America/Chicago
MT mst | mdt | mt | pnt | mountain America/Denver
AKST akst | akdt | akt | ast | alaska America/Anchorage
HAST hast | hadt | hat | hst | hawaii Pacific/Honolulu
IST ist | india Asia/Calcutta
PRT prt | atlantic Atlantic/Bermuda
MIT mit | west somoa Pacific/Apia
BST bst | bangladesh Asia/Dacca
VST vst | indochina Asia/Bangkok
CTT ctt | china Asia/Taipei
JST jst | japan Asia/Tokyo
AWT awt | western australian Australia/Perth
ACT act | central australian Australia/Darwin
AET aet | eastern australian Australia/Sydney
AGT agt | argentine America/Buenos_Aires
BET bet | brazil America/Sao_Paulo
WET wet | western european Europe/Lisbon
ECT ect | cenral european Europe/Amsterdam
ART art | eet | eastern european Africa/Cairo
WAT wat | west africa Africa/Lagos
CAT cat | central africa Africa/Bujumbura
EAT eat | east africa Africa/Asmera
MET met | iran Asia/Tehran
NET net | armenia Asia/Yerevan
PLT plt | pkt | pakistan Asia/Karachi
SST sst | solomon Pacific/Guadalcanal
NST nst | new zealand Pacific/Auckland
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