I have my Camio Box. What do I do next?


  1. Connect your Camio Box to a router (or switch) via an ethernet cable on the same local network as the cameras/NVR, then plug in the AC power.
    NOTE: If your network doesn't support DHCP assignment of IP Addresses and access to DNS servers, then please collect the information required to configure the Box's network connection manually via USB stick.

  2. Find the MAC address of your Camio Box printed on the slip of paper included in the packaging of your Box (you can also use a network-scanning application like Fing if you don't have the paper slip).

  3. Go to https://camio.com/box/register and enter the MAC address, then click the Register button.

Once your Box is registered, click Next to go to your camio.com/boxes page. Press the Scan button for Box to scan your local network for recognized cameras.

After the network scan has completed, choose the cameras you’d like to connect to Camio and give each of them a unique name that describes its location (e.g. "entrance", "loading dock") for easy search & alerts.

The steps above assume you've already connected IP cameras to your local network.

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