How do I move my Sharx cameras from FTP to Camio Box?

Once you've registered your via and see all your Sharx cameras displayed in the list of cameras discovered on your local network on the page , please:

  • disable all Tasks related to FTP uploads, then
  • delete your cameras, then
  • connect them again using your page.

The specific steps are:

  1. open the local IP address of the camera shown on the page:

  2. click Task > Task Management, uncheck all checkboxes, and press the Apply button.

    Then, before you toggle the cameras ON with the green rocker switch...

  3. Delete each camera by opening, clicking on each camera, and pressing the red Delete <camera name> button in the lower right.

  4. Connect each camera to your new Box by opening the page, and click the rocker switch in the upper right to the ON (green) position.


Older Sharx v4 firmware

For older v4 firmware Sharx cameras:

Click Alarm Management and disable all of these:

To ensure FTP is disabled, click Alarm Server > FTP Server to ensure no value is in FTP Server:


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