How can my Neighborhood Watch group share Camio?

Individual vs. Communal

People typically combine two approaches:

  1. individual cameras owned by each home and private unless particular events are explicitly shared;
  2. communal cameras funded and shared by a group of neighbors, each of whom has Guest access to view anytime.

Option 1 is simple in that each person uses their own camera, broadband Internet connection, and Camio account.

Option 2 requires choosing a point-person to be administrator, who will be in charge of adding and removing Guests, and paying for Camio service.

For communal cameras, we recommend creating an account that is unique and accessible only to the current administrator for the neighborhood. The administrator shouldn't share the password with anyone. The only reason for the separate administrator account is to enable it to be transferred to a new administrator at some future date. The administrator invites each neighbor with "Can View" permission using the email addresses unique to each person at Guests can view the account only after they've verified their email addresses.

Camio Daily for Guests

The Camio Daily email is currently sent only to the single account owner. So if you'd like Guests to receive that Camio Daily too, then please set up an email forwarding rule based on this Gmail filter: subject:Camio Daily

In the future, Camio will include an option to send the Camio Daily to Guests.

Shared training feedback

Invite only trusted Guests, since their usage of Camio trains Camio too. So the events that they play, share, save and thumbs-up/down train Camio to learn what's important in your video history.

Can View permission

If you're the administrator of an account that uses Camio Box on the same local network as other non-shared, private cameras, then be sure to grant only "Can View" permission to Guests so that Guests cannot see your page that displays other cameras on your local network that you don't want to share. Guests have no permission to access your local network, however the Boxes page displays thumbnails of cameras found on your local network. Guests with "Can View" permission cannot see your Boxes page.

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