How can I be certain my camera or NVR works with Camio?

If your camera/NVR/VMS says it supports RTSP and H.264, then it's 99.9% certain that it works with To be 100% certain, open its RTSP stream using the VLC application ( on your computer.

  1. Open the VLC application and choose File > Open Network
  2. Enter the URL for the RTSP stream of your NVR or camera. Look for the RTSP URL in your camera/NVR User Manual or in rtsp_url column of this list. The URL will have some pattern similar to this:
    For example, when your username is admin and password is 123456 and ip_address is and channel is 2 and the main stream is 1, the URL might look like:

  3. Press Open and verify that you see the video stream playing:

If the video plays with a frame rate of at least 5 frames per second, then you're now 100% sure that your camera/NVR works with Camio.

Don't hesitate to contact us at to ensure that Camio includes automated setup support for your camera/NVR/VMS.


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