How do I tune my Camio Box VM to match the number of connected video streams?

Your Camio Box VM will need a different amount of resources depending on the desired number and stream quality of connected cameras. The resources dedicated to your VM can be customized at any time from within the VirtualBox program.

Resources needed for different workloads

The tables below describe the approximate resources that your VM needs to run smoothly with the given number of streams connected and the described resolution and bit-rates. These values are for real-time processing of incoming video streams, for tuning VMs for batch-importing, see the last section of this document. 

Note - these tables assume that the host-machine for your VM has a modern Intel I5 CPU (or better), and that each CPU is given 100% execution cap. If your CPU has less performance than a modern Intel I5 you will need to adjust the number of connected streams proportionally.

720p Resolution (1.5Mbps bitrate):

 # Cameras  # Processors Main Memory
4 2 2GB
6-8 3 3GB
16-18 4 6GB


1080p (FHD) Resolution (2.0Mbps bitrate):

 # Cameras  # Processors Main Memory
3 2 2GB
6-8 4 4GB
10-16 4 8GB


2160x1520p (FHD+) (2.5Mbps bitrate):

 # Cameras  # Processors Main Memory
2 2 2GB
3 3 3GB
4-5 4 4GB
6-12 4 8GB


4K (UHD) (4.0Mbps bitrate):

 # Cameras  # Processors Main Memory
1 2 2GB
2 2 3GB
3 3 4GB
4 4 4GB
6 4 8GB

Customizing VM Resources

On the main VirtualBox screen, you should see an entry entitled 'CamioBox VM'. Click on it once to highlight it then click on the 'Settings' button at the top of the VirtualBox main window. All 4 steps below are done within the 'Settings' window.

    1. Memory: Go 'System' > 'Motherboard' > 'Base Memory'.. Use the scroll-wheel or text box to enter how much main-memory you would like to dedicate to this virtual Camio Box. 
    2. Processor: Click on the 'System' tab, then on the 'Processor' tab. Select how many processor cores you wish to give to your virtual Camio Box. 
    3. Networking: Click on the 'Network' tab. Make sure that, next to the 'Attached to' label, the drop-down menu has 'Bridged Adapter' selected. Use the drop-down menu next to the 'Name' label to choose the network device to share with your virtual Camio Box (it is normally okay to just use the default choice listed).

Once the above steps are complete, click 'Okay' to save the changes. 


Batch Video Import (beta)

 The statistics given above apply to the real-time processing of video streams for a Camio Box VM. Camio Box also supports (beta) a batch-import mode. This mode allows one to upload an archive of video data to a Camio Box for bulk-analysis. 

Note - the data below assumes that videos are 1080p with a 2Mbps bit-rate.

Video Hours processed per hour of VM time # cores* Main Memory
10 4 4GB
20 4 8GB

* - where one core is roughly as powerful as one found on a modern Intel I5 CPU (2.7Ghz).

For example, if you wanted to process 100 hours of video on a machine with 4 cores with 8GB of memory, it would take 5 hours of VM time. 


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