Can I offer particular subscription plans only to selected customers?

Yes, you can either:

  1. send an /account link that lists the specific plans (e.g. /account/#plans=good,better,best)
  2. assign specific plans to your customer's email address so they appear on the /account page.

As explained in creating a subscription plan, only plans that include the label "prod" appear for all users by default on the /account page; however, you can also assign specific plans to a specific customer so that those assigned plans appear by default on that particular customer's /account page.

PUT /api/plans/offered

If you'd like the plans "good", "better" and "best" to appear only for your customer using email, then you use this PUT /api/plans/offered API to enable her to see those three plans whenever she opens the /account page. An example curl command is:

curl -H 'Authorization: token gKBVf2b7' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"email": "", "plan_ids_offered": ["good", "better", "best"]}' -X PUT

Even if hasn't yet created an account, she will see those three plans the first time she opens the /account page to subscribe.

See for more information. 

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