Common questions about counters and service levels

  1. Is the events_uploaded_count dependent on activity level of the scene?
    Yes, the events_uploaded_count increases with the number of real-motion Events observed in the scene being recorded.

  2. Does the video_upload_filter affect the events_uploaded_count?
    No, the video_upload_filter controls only the uploading of the video associated with Events. So it affects movies_uploaded_count, movies_uploaded_size_bytes, movies_uploaded_timelapse_count and movies_uploaded_timelapse_size_bytes only.

  3. In using Zones to influence what's uploaded and labeled, how are the regions outside of the defined zones treated?
    Events occurring in regions outside of any defined zone are treated as normal candidates to be important or unimportant. For example, if you've created a Negative Zone around a distant freeway to exclude passing traffic, and a Normal Zone around a building entrance, then a person walking up through the parking lot, a region outside either the Negative freeway zone or the Normal building entrance zone, would be labeled as important by Camio's Machine Learning. If instead, if there were repetitive shadows cast on the surface of the parking lot outside of any zone, then Camio's ML would label those Events as unimportant and thereby exclude them from advanced labeling.

  4. How does a user turn timelapse on/off?
    Currently, the creation of continuous timelapse videos during periods without motion is controlled by the Plan's specification of the video_upload_filter only. To prevent the automatic upload of timelapse movies, choose any video_upload_filter value other than None.

  5. What is a motionless Event?
    Conventional cameras often detection motion based on pixel-motion. Instead, Camio uses adaptive motion filters to eliminate spurious motion from things like night rain, blowing snow, shimmering leaves, rippling water, etc... For continuous 24x7, auditable video history, Camio creates low resolution timelapse movies to efficiently records during periods of no real motion. Those timelapse Events are called motionless Events.

  6. If my video_upload_filter doesn't upload the video automatically, then what happens when I try to play the video for an Event?
    Camio requests that the missing video be uploaded when you attempt to play the video the first time. Once the video for a particular Event has been uploaded, then subsequent attempts to play the video will succeed immediately, because the video has already been retrieved. Camio obtains the missing video from either:
    a) Box's own buffer of queued videos, or
    b) an external storage device like an NVR, VMS, or NAS

  7. What does Camio label if I specify zero (0) for events_label_detection_count?
    Camio still labels person vs. car, colors, direction of movement, zone intersections, and importance ranking (top vs. all) of all Events without the advanced label or text detection.

  8. Does max_calls_per_event affect my Overage charges?
    No. max_calls_per_event determines the maximum number of advanced labeling operations performed on any single Event. Since the quota for labeling operations is currently set to service the expected events_label_detection_count, the value specified for max_calls_per_event controls only the base subscription plan price. That is, it controls the paid budget for labeling operations that won't exceed the budgeted amount.

  9. What types of advanced labeling comes with use of events_label_detection_count?
    Class of vehicle (e.g. truck vs. SUV vs. minivan vs. sedan), make and model of car (e.g. Ford F-150 vs. Ford Explorer), animals (e.g. dog vs. coyote vs. deer), gender, etc... The labels are continually expanding to include new classifications.

  10. How can I estimate the number for events_label_detection_count?
    Each Event may have many labels applied to it by the advance label detection or text detection. This count is the count of *Events* (not labels) that will have advanced labeling applied to them. Since Camio currently performs the advanced labeling only in Important Events, the best estimate for this value comes from your dashboard showing events_important_count at:
  11. What happens if a user chooses an email address different than the email address used to assign available subscription plans?
    You need to assign the plans to the email address that the user chose in order for those plans to appear automatically on the user's /account page.

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