How do I estimate the price of Camio SaaS and hardware?

You can quickly estimate the price for SaaS by using the tool at:

There are three main questions:

  1. Camera Count and Resolution
    The number of video streams handled by each Box gateway depends on the resolution of the streams. So the first step in preparing a quote is to identify the count and resolution of cameras at each location. Tailgating detection is an add-on service that applies only to cameras facing doorways, so make note of the door camera count too. 
  2. Motion % of Day
    You can either enter the known value from your NVR motion-triggered recording or estimate this based on your knowledge of the scene. For example:
    • 35% for a commercial front gate entrance
    • 12% for a medium-sized office entrance
    • 9% for a medium-sized warehouse
    • 4% for a quiet vacation home
  3. Number of distinct LAN locations
    The Camio Box gateway must be on the same Local Area Network as the cameras in order to connect to their video streams. So if cameras are at multiple locations, segment the camera count by location when determining the number of Box gateways required to handle the video streams at each location. Box gateway model capacity ranges from 8 to 42 streams as you move from appliances to rack servers.


The exact features and service levels you choose in consultation with your support team may increase or decrease the price. For example, both lazy indexing and schedule-based recording can reduce the price, while advanced object classification and OCR increase the price.


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